Heather's Massage Therapy
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"Wow! I was so sore when I arrived and after Heather's massage, I feel so much better.  She was awesome from head to toe!" - M.R.

"Heather found a knot that was bothering me for weeks and destroyed it!  Very nice flow and pressure.  Thanks!" - L.F.

"The strokes used were firm and relaxing at the same time" - L.

"The hot rocks were wonderful.  It was warm and comforting. The heat helped ease my tension." - Anonymous

"Nice work Heather, my feet feel real gooooood!" - D.H.

"Heather - Very nice job, especially my neck and head" - C.H.

"Very nice pressure.  Good back and shoulder work. Thanks." - E.M.

"Great job Heather!  Thank you for the special attention to my shoulders, they appreciate it.  I really like the extra touches - the raking on my back, the excellent work on my arms and hands and the massaging on my fingers - nice touch." - K. F.

"I was very pleased. I will be back." - C. J.