Heather's Massage Therapy
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Practice Philosophy

My Massage Philosophy is to promote and bring about healing to the muscle tissue by increasing circulation to all the cells and tissues sending nutrient and oxygen enriched blood flow through the body and displacing toxins that we all have accumulated in the process of living, like lactic acid and metabolic waste.  I adjust my pressure to meet clients needs, applying just enough to promote healing and results and utilizing deep tissue techniques in a manner to still be relaxing for an overall relaxation effect.  I have focused on numerous health conditions, like fibromyalgia, and getting my clients pain free.  Other common aliments include diabetes and addressing a lot of stress and tension building in our daily activities from utilizing the technological gadgets of the times.  I have also focused on specialty conditions such as Multiple Scelorsis (MS), Diabetes, etc.  

My focus is always on improving the quality of life of my clients.  I truly believe my massage skills are a gift given and find immense joy in being able to provide people with a future that improves or sustains their quality of life.  Having experienced pain, you can not put a price tag on having moments of being pain free, it truly is priceless.  Chronic pain is incredibly debilitating and effects people's quality of life in so many ways.  I am very proud of my abilty to help people with chronic pain and shall always honor this gift I have to aid others.