Heather's Massage Therapy
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Not all Massages are the Same

An hour session at Heather's Massage Therapy is a full hour of hands on work, your dressing, undressing, and consultation time is NOT counted against your session time.  Any massage session that's an hour or longer will typically come with complimentary hot packs. The massage table is heavily padded, oversized, heated and covered with flannel sheets and blankets to provide comfort.  Relaxing music and dimmable lighting helps you relax.  There is a bathroom dedicated just for your use.  So you can feel right at home in my private, professional, yet comfy home based massage office. 

Some well known establishments count the dressing, undressing and consultation time against your session, thus leaving you less time for your massage. An hour session like this is called a Salon Hour.  I can assure you from experience, that additional 5-10 minutes lost, can make an enormous difference in your level of relaxation and care.  Often times these sessions can feel a bit rushed and incomplete.  And not how we do things here.